Our theme is easy, but hard to explain. It's songs that have a word in the title that can be tied in with the holidays, but wasn't intended to be. It sounds kind of confusing, but it really isn't. Today it's another bell song. One of my all time favorites.

It seems as if everybody loves Eric Clapton. And he's been in so many bands...Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds just to name a few.  And of course he's had a brilliant solo career. But my favorite time in Eric's career is the time he spent with Derek and the Dominos. They only released one album, but it was a really good one. And that's the album that today's lost treasure is on.

If you have an idea for a song that can be tied in with the holidays, yet isn't an actual holiday song, let me know what it is. You can email me at robyn@wpdh.com or find me on facebook. Thanks!

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