The theme is body parts. Yesterday we did a "heart" song, Heart Of Gold by Neil Young. Today it is another "heart" song, but it is a Heart Of Glass. A great old song from Blondie. Maybe the first one I remember hearing.

We used to play a lot of Blondie back in the day on WPDH. They were cool. New York cool. And they had good songs. Not to mention, Debbie Harry was beautiful. It was a winning combination, and they went on to achieve major success. Fast forward may years, and Blondie reappears on the music scene. And I kept hearing people say the Debbie harry had aged and looked terrible. Well, we all age and I think she looks pretty damn good. I can tell you she looks a lot better than my grandmothers did at her age. Think about it. And they just released a new Blondie album a few month ago.

Boris and I are off until Wednesday July 5. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and we will talk to you then.

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News