It is a size theme on My Lost Treasure, and we are kicking off the weekend with a "big" song from AC/DC. It's always fun to start the party with a rocking tune. The idea for this one comes from my facebook friend Mickey.

A long time ago I did not really think I liked AC/DC. I was all into my grateful Dead and Neil Young and stuff like that. But the more exposure I had to AC/DC, the more I realized that I really didn't hate them. In fact, I liked them. And I still do. Not only do they rock, they have a good sense of humor. And they have been through so much tragedy. Especially lately. Yup, I am a fan of AC/DC. Thanks for suggesting this one, Mickey.

If you have any ideas for the size theme, or a suggestion for a new theme, let me know. Thanks. It's

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News