Multiple Tornados have touched down in recent days in the Hudson Valley. Including one that traveled over the Hudson River. We'll explain why.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down over the Hudson River on Monday and not a waterspout as many assumed. A waterspout is a column of rotating air over water.

The reason is that a waterspout only occurs when it happens over a marine zone and the Hudson River is not a marine zone, according to the National Weather Service.

Tornado Over Hudson River in New York

Beth Cooper/Hudson Valley Weather/FB
Beth Cooper/Hudson Valley Weather/FB

The twister is classified as an EF-U tornado because there is no damage to the survey for an official classification. Hudson Valley Weather shared amazing videos of the tornado over the Hudson River.

Tornado Over Hudson River Near Port Ewen, Ulster County New York

Tornado Over Hudson River Near Kingston, Port Ewen Ulster Park, Ulster County New York

'Severe Weather, Tornado Threat' For Hudson Valley, New York

A tornado warning was never officially issued for the Hudson Valley on Monday. However, early Monday morning, Hudson Valley reported weather experts believed there was a "high" chance of a tornado touching down in the region.

Confirmed Tornado Touched Down in Ulster County, Near Kingston, New York

City of Kingston
City of Kingston

Last week, a tornado touched down in Ulster County, causing a lot of damage. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down on Wednesday in Ulster County about 2 miles from Kingston.

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The twister touched down near Hurley Avenue (Route 29) between Davis Street and Hillside Drive. The tornado reached speeds of around 90 miles per hour.

"The tornado moved southeast to just west of the NY State Thruway crossing a subdivision where it uprooted and snapped trees, displaced a car canopy and removed some shingles from a house. Many homes were damaged by fallen trees. Aerial photos showed a swath of downed trees from a second vortex which moved along the northeast edge of the subdivision," the National Weather Service states.

Confirmed Macroburst Touched Down in Ulster County, Near Kingston, New York

City of Kingston
City of Kingston

A macroburst also impacted parts of Kingston about 9 miles west of Kingston and five miles southwest, according to the National Weather Service.

"Wide swaths of downed trees were noted along Lapla Road (and connecting roads) across the hill the road crosses. At least 2 trees fell on cars along Lapla Road. Wind damage consisting of broken, snapped and uprooted trees continued southeast across U.S. Route 209," the National Weather Service said.

Strongest Tornados To Ever Touch Down In New York State

Generally speaking, tornadoes aren't a common occurrence in New York state. Tornados do still happen. Here's a look at some of the strongest storms:

Storm on 6/16/22 - Was this from a Tornado in Upstate New York?

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