Are you a homeowner or someone who lives in a house? Do you mow your own yard? There very well could be something that you are doing that you don't realize is not safe for motorcyclists? If you knew what it was, would you keep doing it? Hopefully, you wouldn't do it.

While experienced riders might already know how to navigate this, there are a few things that you might be doing that are actually seemingly no-big-deal to you, but is a huge deal to a motorcyclist. 

What are homeowners doing that make it unsafe for motorcyclists?

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One of the biggest things that are the enemy of motorcycle riders is slippery roads. While sand, gravel, and water are just a few things that all motorcyclists are super aware of, there is one thing that you can do to make it easier to navigate roadways. Yep, if you are out in your yard, it is a simple thing to do.

What are some homeowners doing that is it dangerous for motorcyclists?

Photo by LouisMoto on Unsplash
Photo by LouisMoto on Unsplash

If you are a homeowner that mows their grass or blows their grass clippings into the roadway, you really don't have any idea what you are doing to a rider. The grass clippings from the mower or from the leaf blower, blowing all of those clippings into the lawn, causes a very slick surface and can be tough to navigate for a rider.

Next time you are mowing your lawn, take the time to get the clippings off the road. You can use the leaf blower to blow them back into the grass or simply mow the lawn with a bag attachment, or the side vent on the inside of the curb. Your rider friends will thank you (their families will too).

If you are not a motorcycle rider, check these things out, it will make you a better driver to know these things about motorcycles.

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