With setlist.fm to guide us, here is the most played song live off every AC/DC album.

The Australian rock legends have played over 2,100 shows and have played 12 songs more than 1,000 times each. Quite a lot of the catalog has been represented, even if a significant numbers of songs (79, to be exact) never made their way onstage, resigned to studio-only status.

With so many all-time hits, it means loading up the setlist on a lot of obvious favorites, leaving little room for deep cuts and, of course, new songs from whatever the latest album AC/DC had released at the time.

And as for those favorites, they're songs that you can never get sick of hearing. There are always fans in attendance for the very first times, and bands usually feel responsible for ensuring they see the songs they know the most. They're the hits for a reason!

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Below, we've sorted through the data and and singled out which is the most popular live track from each of AC/DC's 17 studio albums.

A few of them may surprise you!

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