First up this week is the new animated film from Dreamworks, The Boss Baby, and I am so, so excited... to never have to see the commercials for this thing ever again.

Trailers for this movie have been everywhere and it looks so, so bad - like the only thought that went into it was "What if a baby wore a suit?" and somebody was like, "That's brilliant, here's 100 million dollars and Alec Baldwin's phone number, go make it." The movie stars Baldwin as a newborn baby that's secretly some kind of business executive or something and he has to team up with his older brother to take down puppies.

I'm sure young kids may enjoy it, but even then, one of the big jokes in the trailer is a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross, which is not something your average 6-year-old is going to know. And I think it's unfortunate timing for this movie to come out now that Baldwin's in the news every week for his SNL appearances - he's got all this free press and publicity, and this is the movie he's got to push?

The other movie out this weekend is Ghost in the Shell, a new sci-fi action film starring Scarlett Johannsson. This is actually based on the an anime film from 1995 which has become sort of a cult classic and was a big influence on movies like The Matrix and The Fifth Element - I just watched that movie recently and... It was ok. And that's pretty much what I'm hearing about this new one too - that it's got cool visuals and Scarlett Johannsson's great in it, but that it's a pretty straightforward remake. So if you like the original, you may like seeing it in this updated, live-action setting and if you don't like the original, then... probably don't see this!

So neither of these are super enticing offers - of the two, I'd pick Ghost in the Shell - but you can use this weekend to catch up on some of the really great films that came out in the past few weeks like Logan, Get Out, John Wick 2, and a whole bunch of others. I'm Meat Sandwich and until next time, we'll Meat at the Movies