"Hi, I'd like a cheeseburger. Please hold just about everything."

A British man has gone viral for posting his rather odd order at McDonald's, in which he got a cheeseburger...without onions. Or ketchup. Or mustard. Or pickles. Or a bun. Or a patty. What did he get? A slice of cheese and probably a lot of weird looks from the employee who handled his request.

Dude, you gotta know where you are. You don't walk into a biker bar and order a cosmo, right?

Considering he could've gone into a supermarket and bought a pack of Kraft singles, this seems a little excessive. The man even admitted he paid the equivalent of $1.22 for the cheese.

This guy must be a real delight when he's ordering a pizza with friends. "We'll take one large pepperoni, one large with mushroom and one thimble of mozzarella sprinkled inside it."