This is one of the most awesomely backwards mashups ever to hit YouTube. Thanks to the voice of Glenn Danzig, John Lennon’s iconic anthem of peace has now been desecrated by the lyrics of the Misfits’ “Last Caress.”

Picture replacing “Nothing to kill or die for” with “I killed a baby today.” It exists now! And that’s what makes this mashup so amazing. Though “Last Caress” is completely nihilistic and antithetical to Lennon’s “Imagine” message, Danzig’s vocal lines sync up perfectly with the Beatles legend’s simple piano parts.

YouTuber YepImTheToaster did some excellent editing with their “One Last Imagine” mashup. The massive amount of echo on Danzig’s voice makes it sound like the horror punk frontman was trying to do a ballad in the first place.

Funny enough, the mashup sounds like what could have happened to Glenn Danzig’s music career if he hadn’t gotten into punk. Endlessly influenced by the rock and roll crooners of Lennon’s era, Danzig tried paying tribute on his Skeletons album, but we’d take “One Last Imagine” over that record any day.

Chill out to the murderous “One Last Imagine” mashup in the clip above.

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