We know many New Yorkers have been moving out of the state for years, and now the COVID-19 pandemic is only exacerbating the plight. But if you were thinking about relocating to the nation's second largest city, then you might want to think again. Are some folks living in Los Angeles not very welcoming to outsiders? Or, is there a little more to this story?

It's kind of hard not to envy California's sunny and mild climate, especially during the middle of a northeast winter. But one giant billboard that went up Monday over Sunset Boulevard isn't exactly rolling out the welcome matt for those fleeing New York. But the NY Post reports that the sign is actually the work of an group of artists out of Brooklyn called The Locker Room NYC. The message?

New York is Dead. Don't Come Back.

So, are Californians really that unwelcoming and unhospitable? Maybe. But the Post says that the sign is actually a message from New Yorkers to those leaving New York. It basically says that New York is just fine right now, and if you want to leave, then leave. The art group's founder, Samara Bliss, told the NY Post that the sign is more like a love letter to New York. Well, New Yorkers are sometimes known for their darker sense of humor, so it makes sense.

Bliss says that the reference to New York being dead has more to do with some of the articles and opinion pieces we'd see back in the spring of 2020, that COVID had permanently killed off the economy, culture, and way of life of America's largest city.

Of course, that's not to say that some people living in other states might not want so many outsiders all piling in as they struggle with the pandemic on their own. Plus, not everyone shares the ideal view that New York is doing so well. According to the estimates from the United States Census Bureau, 126,355 residents left New York between July 2019 and July 2020. We know some of the reasons too, from reading the figures every year. It often comes down to; cost of living, poor job growth (especially upstate), taxes, and harsh winters.

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