When you say the name Greg Douglas to just about any Hudson Valley musician, you'll probably see a smile in return. Greg is a great guy and a Hudson Valley musician himself. He's always been there to help when help is needed, and now Greg needs our help.

Greg has been hospitalized since before Christmas for complications due to diabetes, and he has a long road of recovery, acceptance, and healing ahead of him. He's had several surgeries and a partial foot amputation.

That's another thing about Hudson Valley musicians. They're generous and they always band together to show their support for, not only other musicians, but for anyone who happens to need it. Want to enjoy a great day of music, raffles,and fun? And help Greg Douglas at the same time?

There will be a benefit show for Greg Douglas at The Chance on Crannell Street in Poughkeepsie on Sunday, Feb. 17 from noon - 6 pm. Musicians include alumni of Four Guys in Disguise, members of S.A.T.O.,a caricature artist, henna artist, and more. For tickets, contact Sandra Viani at (845) 705-2069.