Do you pass a park on the Palisades Parkway called "Anthony Wayne Recreation Area?" You might have been there if you needed a drive-thru COVID test during the heart of the pandemic, or you might (in happier times) attended one of the big Oktoberfest celebrations that are held there (Bear Mountain Oktoberfest).

Did you go there and wonder "Who is Anthony Wayne, and why does he have a park named after him?" No, just me? When doing some research about him, I also found out that he had a unique nickname, yes, people referred to him as "Mad Anthony." Here's why he was known with that moniker. Keep reading.

Is Anthony Wayne related to Bruce Wayne?

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Believe it or not, and when I saw that many people had searched this exact question online, I couldn't believe it myself. No, Anthony Wayne (a real person who lived from 1745 to 1796) is not in any way, shape or form related to the fictional character of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. What is the real scoop about being "Mad Anthony Wayne?"

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When did Anthony Wayne become "Mad Anthony?"

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Anthony Wayne was a General during the American Revolution, under then General George Washington. The nickname of "Mad" was given to him (allegedly) by his troops because of his foul language and his bold temper. Where's his park? Keep reading.

Where is the Mad Anthony Wayne New York State Park located?

Anthony Wayne Recreation Area is located inside the Harriman State Park, Palisades Parkway, Exit 17, Bear Mountain, NY 10911. At this particular recreation area there are biking and hiking trails, grills, playing fields and in the winter there is snowshoeing and cross country trails available.

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