Spring in the Hudson Valley has truly sprung. We can now enjoy the warmer and sunnier days along with being greeted by bright, blossomed flowers.

We may even hear the birds chirping, the chorus of owls and treefrogs and notice more wildlife. The rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks have also made their return.

As we have also risen from hibernation after a winter in the Hudson Valley, so have some of our favorite events, fairs and festivals.

The Hudson Valley provides us with so much to do in numerous counties. History buffs can visit historical sites or hidden gems while nature lovers are able to take in the beauty of different hikes.

What if there was a town in the Hudson Valley that combined all of that along with a history tour of some of Hollywood's biggest stars?

Have You Been To This Hudson Valley Town Where Celebrities Lived And Visited?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

I have had the opportunity to explore this lively town that has such good vibes. From different food options to locally owned boutiques to visit, a community drum circle and historic walking trails of legendary artists, this town has it all.

I have met people who have traveled from all over the world to visit this special place located in Ulster County, NY.

Woodstock, NY Is An Ulster County Town That's Known For More Than Just Music

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

According to Ulster County Tourism,

Woodstock, NY was known as a 

"a sleepy village and artist colony with no paved sidewalks but plenty of music, food and tolerance for all kinds of eccentric behavior."

Present day Woodstock still maintains those good vibes. Visitors, local residents, musicians and celebrities head to this relaxed town that embraces not only peace but also the beauty of the mountains nearby.

I love visiting local shops in Woodstock that have jewelry, incense and art. I also came across a drum circle the last time that I was in Woodstock and enjoyed one of the grooviest days.

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Woodstock, NY Can Thank Byrdcliffe For It's Popularity

YouTube, Beth Frank, Canva,
YouTube, Beth Frank, Canva,

Woodstock, NY is also known for having

"the nation’s oldest arts and crafts colony, Byrdcliffe".

This dates back to the early 1900s where people such as writers and artists from all over the country came to stay.

Get Ready To Relive Rock And Roll History In Ulster County, NY

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Some of Hollywood's biggest stars visited and lived in Woodstock, NY.

I learned in music history during college that Bob Dylan spent a lot of time in this Ulster County, NY town.

History Buffs And Music Lovers Can Now Embrace Something New In Woodstock, NY

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The Bearsville Theater is located in Woodstock, NY.

This legendary space welcomed artists such as Peter, Paul and Mary, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, The Pretenders, Bob Dylan and more. 

I've been to The Bearsville Theater for a celebration and it was an incredible night. Those who enjoy learning about history and music are in for a real treat.

What Can Guests Expect During A History Tour In Woodstock, NY?

Rock Junket Tours with the Bearsville Theater are providing seasonal tours.

Tours take place from April 2023 until October 2023. On Saturdays, these tours start at 2pm and on Sundays, they begin at 11am.

These rock and roll history tours provide guests with 2 1/2 hours of exciting information. This tour starts at Cafe Espresso where guests can grab coffee and be in the same space where Bob Dylan used to hang out in the 1960s. Guests would also have the opportunity to view the "White Room" where Bob Dylan composed music.

The tour also consists of strolling around the town of Woodstock, NY focusing on music based there.

Get ready to hear stories and photographs, historic venues and more. Guests who have previously been on tours claimed that they were happy to have learned about Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison and more.

Tickets are only $44 and are available for purchase.

Rock Junket Tours And Bearsville Center

Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY, 12498

9 Celebrities That Called Woodstock Home

Famous people that once lived in Woodstock, New York

Take This Fascinating History Crawl Through Hyde Park, NY

Hyde Park, NY is located in Dutchess County, NY. It is the home to several prominent figures that played a role in how the world was once formed. Even though these members of society have passed on, their stories and legacies continue in our area.

I have had the chance to visit these historical sites and will always remember what each one meant to me, what I learned on the tours and how guests can continue to visit in 2023.