It is hard to imagine that there is a place that no one is allowed to visit in New York City. With all the city has to offer it shouldn't come as a surprise that there could be a spot off-limits but I had never heard of this place.

It doesn't have entertainment unless you consider watching the world go by something to do. I actually enjoy a good round of people-watching but I don't think that this spot offers a lot to watch in that category but it does have an awesome view of New York City which might make it a tempting place to land. But you can't. it is off-limits.

What Place is off-limits to Everyone in New York City

U Thant Island which was formerly named Belmont Island comes with a great back story. The island which is actually what is called an islet is 100 X 200 feet in size. That is tiny. This man-made gem sits in the middle of the East River with a view of the United Nations.


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The island isn't natural it is manmade and for that reason, you would think you could visit it but you would be wrong.

U Thant Island was created in the 1890s when a businessman named William Steinway constructed a tunnel that was later finished and paid for by August Belmont Jr. The rock oasis has been written about many times including an in-depth recap of its history by

New York Cities Tiniest Island Located in the East River

Steinway was digging a tunnel for a trolley under the East River. He never saw the finished tunnel which today is part of the New York Subway.  The island itself was made from piling up rock and earth as the tunnel grew.


The Island has a rich history but its role today is to give waterfowl a place to rest and rejuvenate. That's right it is closed to the public because the sea birds need a place to go. It is a designated sanctuary. You can boat by it but you can't dock.

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Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn