People will do anything to look younger. Some folks will go as far as smearing poop on their faces. And no, this is not some new TikTok trend, this beauty solution has its roots in a 400 year old tradition.

These Bird Droppings Can Help Turn Back Time

It's supposed to work better than Botox, and after just a few minutes, you look 10 years younger. Stars like Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise and Harry Styles are supposedly big fans of the treatment. The treatment being that they rub poop on their faces.

The story of "Asami Geisha" goes back to the 17th century and comes from Japan. On special farms, nightingales produce valuable feces. The songbirds are fed exclusively with plant seeds. The feces contain the urea known in cosmetics and the enzyme guanine.

Canva / andresr from Getty Images Signature
Canva / andresr from Getty Images Signature

Today, the nightingales' feces are disinfected by ultraviolet light and then ground into a fine powder. The effect on the skin is instantaneous, and you're left with a peachy complexion. More than 300 years ago, geishas used "Asami Geisha" very successfully to regenerate and rebuild their skin bleached with lead and zinc.

Numerous celebrities all over the world admire the radiant skin of Japanese women. "Asami Geisha" is a pure natural cosmetic and does not require any chemical additives.

Canva / Juergen57BS from pixabay
Canva / Juergen57BS from pixabay

British journalist Claudia Cornell tested the cosmetics for Mail Online. Her conclusion: "Even after two days, my skin looked radiant, and my girlfriend thought I had had Botox injections. I'm more than satisfied with the result."

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There's no place (that I know of) in the Hudson Valley that sells any nightingale droppings face mask; however, there are a variety of cosmetics you can buy online. With the beauty trend's recent rise back into popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something available in stores soon.

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