Wednesday's storm hit some areas of the Hudson Valley pretty hard, and some of the incredible weather was captured by local residents.

Reports of a tornado touching down in Dutchess County are still being confirmed by the National Weather Service. Regardless of the official findings, those who were out in the storm yesterday captured some pretty intense weather.

This supercell was caught on video by YouTube user Facethewind. It shows the rotating wall cloud and resulting rain and hail that fell in LaGrange.

YouTube user Sapphire Daze shared this photo of hail falling in her backyard in Poughkeepsie. She says that in all of her years of living in the Hudson Valley she's never seen anything like this.

Another angle of the intense hail falling in Poughkeepsie was captured by Diana Williams:

CBS2 in New York was covering the storm when they shared these photos of a possible funnel cloud submitted by a local weather watcher.

Did you capture any footage of Wednesday's storm? We'd love to see it. You can share your photos and videos on our Facebook page.

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