The Hudson Valley has agreed that the Monday after Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

Heinz launched a campaign this week to turn the worst day of the year into one of the best. According to a recent ad, the company claims that over $1 billion is lost in productivity every year by forcing employees to work on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Smunday, as the company calls it, would be a holiday for the people. Since an estimated 16 million people reportedly call in sick anyway, Heinz says it just makes sense to give everyone the day off. And the ketchup maker is putting its money where its mouth is too, by giving all of their employees an extra vacation day this Super Bowl Monday.

We decided to ask the WPDH listeners what they think about taking the day off and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of creating a national holiday on the Monday after Super Bowl. That day even beat out the prospects of creating a day off on St. Patrick's Day, a floating birthday holiday or even the pot smoking celebration of 4/20.

What do you think about having to work on Super Bowl Monday? Should it finally be recognized as a national holiday? Let us know your thoughts about Smunday on our official Facebook page or in the comments section below.