A local school board has voted to replace their Indian mascot with an eagle. The Daily Freeman reports the Onteora school board voted 5-2 to make the change after hearing from student and government reps.

The changes were made Tuesday during a Board of Education meeting. It was brought about by students who felt the old mascot was a derogatory symbol towards native Americans.

There were some objections among the student body, but no junior or high school students spoke up in support of the Indian mascot. Just one parent spoke out in support of keeping things the same and criticized the length of time given to make the change.

This isn't the the first time the issue has come up in town. Use of the Indian mascot was originally supposed to end in 2000 but that move was overturned after two new members were elected to the board. The issue eventually was brought to a vote among local residents and people voted to keep things the same at that time.