A Hudson Valley mayor and police commissioner have signed a controversial order that forbids police to help Immigration enforcement officers.

CBS 6 is reporting that the order was made by the mayor and police commissioner of Hudson. The guidance to officers comes after President Trump has instructed agents to take a hard line on illegal immigrants. Signed on Monday, the act basically forbids the Hudson police department from providing resources, facilities, or property to ICE.

The mayor of Hudson told CBS 6

In the past, if an undocumented person was arrested for a crime, deportation would not be part of that process until they were convicted of the crime. That's now changed through the new [Executive Order], and it leaves a lot of room for error, it makes the process very subjective, and it does not leave members of our community with many protections.

According to the mayor, police will still need follow federal law but will not go out of their way to assist ICE agents. The city council will also be voting whether or not to make the Columbia County community a sanctuary city.