Police are seeking answers and hoping for your help after a Hudson Valley man was killed outside of his home.

The City of Newburgh Police Department confirmed an Orange County man was fatally shot just before midnight on Wednesday outside a popular apartment complex in the City of Newburgh.

City of Newburgh, New York Man Shot Outside Home

Rockland Video Productions, NY
Rockland Video Productions, NY

On Wednesday, July 27, at about 11:59 p.m., the City of Newburgh Police Department received a Shotspotter activation in the area of 207 Lake Drive for five rounds. Arriving officers located a victim, a 29-year-old Newburgh resident, in the area of 177 Lake Drive who had sustained two gunshot wounds. Police say he was found with gunshot wounds to his upper chest and bicep.

Rockland Video tells Hudson Valley Post that shell casings could be seen on the ground in the parking lot and at least one car had its windows shattered out by the gunfire.

Orange County, New York Man Gunned Down Outside Home

City of Newburgh officers immediately performed CPR and attempted to carry out life-saving measures, including CPR, while waiting for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Rockland Video Productions, NY
Rockland Video Productions, NY

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The unnamed 29-year-old man from the City of Newburgh was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in the City of Newburgh where he was ultimately pronounced deceased, according to the City of Newburgh Police Department.

City of Newburgh Police Seek Answers

Police say as of now they don't have a motive for the gunfire or a potential suspect. No arrests have been made, as of this writing. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

"Police are looking for any witnesses who may been in the area at the time of this incident," the City of Newburgh Police Department stated in a press release. "Anyone with any information is asked to call the City of Newburgh Police Department at 845-569-7509. Callers can remain anonymous."

Neighbors told Mark Lieb of Rockland Video that they hope security cameras mounted on top of the buildings at the apartment complex will help police find any suspects.

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