Hudson Valley fire fighters were surprised to arrive to a home they believed was on fire only to find out the smoke alarm was triggered by an enormous blaze across the street.

According to a Facebook post by the Patterson Fire Department, the blaze happened early Saturday morning on Cornwall Hill Road. After receiving an alarm the responding fire fighters rushed to the address only to find out the fire was actually coming from just across the street on Route 311.

The fire was so large that it sent smoke billowing into another home, setting off its fire alarm. After more firefighters were called to the scene to battle the blaze they quickly found out that there was no nearby source of water to use, so tanker trucks were brought in.

The first floor of the building eventually collapsed, but luckily none of the responders searching for victims inside were injured. Making the situation even worse, freezing conditions made using water even more difficult. Deicing trucks were brought in by the NYS Department of Transportation.

After 12 hours the fire was finally extinguished. There is currently an open investigation into the cause of the fire.