The weather is just starting to get a little nippy, but it’s perfect weather for walking. Or strolling, if you prefer. And if you don’t know where to take that stroll, how about checking out one of the upcoming Sunday Strolls at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall? It’s great exercise and it’s also educational.

The first stroll in the Sunday Stroll Series will be at 10AM on Nov. 15, and is called Bear Necessities. Do Bears actually hibernate? What does a bear skull look like? How thick is their fur? How many cubs do they usually have? These questions and more will be answered.

The second stroll on Nov. 22 is Turkey Tales, also starting at 10AM. They will have a turkey tail, legs, feathers, call box and a decoy to examine. Then you will search for clues on the trail to find out where our local turkeys have been and what they are doing.

The third stroll, Bird Feeding 101, will be on Nov. 29 at 10AM. Become a beginner birder, learn some common birds and what are some foods to attract them to your home. You will also get to make an easy bird feeder and go for a stroll to test your new knowledge.

Groups are limited to 20 people. Please note: Masks and social distancing required at all. Restrooms will not be available. Pre-registration is required. For pricing information for members and non-members and to find out how to register, check out the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum facebook page or their website.


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