A graphic viral video posted by a citizens' group alleges a Hudson Valley police officer used excessive force while arresting a man. The man was allegedly tased 21 times.

On Monday, Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley posted the video to their Facebook page.

In September 2015 on Broadway in Kingston, Kingston police looking for a suspect wearing red shorts approached a man wearing red shorts. The man wasn’t involved in the incident and was waiting for a ride to work, Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley states in the video description.

A spokesperson from Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley told Hudson Valley Post that the victim is Fabian Marshall.

The video starts as a Kingston police officer approached Marshall in the street and advised Marshall to move to the sidewalk.

Still on the side of the street, Marshall questioned why the officer was stopping him.

The officer is heard in the video saying Marshall was involved in an incident. Marshall explained he wasn’t and was heading to work.

The video then shows the officer moving Marshall towards the sidewalk.

As the officer and Marshall walked out of the police dashcam’s shot, the officer said, “You were involved in an incident. Stop walking away from me.”

The video then switches to video from Marshall’s cell phone.

Marshall replied with, “Ok.” The officer responded, “Alright, you know what? I’m putting you in handcuffs.”

While struggling to handcuff Marshall, the video shows the officer wrestle Marshall to the ground.

The officer called for backup while a female witness, who said she was Marshall’s aunt, screamed at the officer asking what he was doing.

“Roll the [expletive] over,” the officer screamed as he placed his hands on Marshall’s cellphone. The video footage then goes fuzzy.

“Put your hands behind your back. Put your hands behind your back. You are going to get tased,” a second officer said.

“You’re holding my hands down. I’m putting my hands back,” Marshall responded.

According to Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley, Marshall was tasered 21 times.

While the video doesn’t show the alleged tasing, audio recordings pick up a buzzing sound.

“Handcuff me please,” Marshall screamed as he was allegedly being tased. “Oh my god, oh my god.”

Another officer noticed Marshall’s cellphone was still recording.

“Get the phone,” an officer said. “Take care of the phone. His phone. Yeah, quick!"

According to the video, Marshall has been fighting charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration for almost two years.

The Kingston Police Department responded to Hudson Valley Post's request for comment.

"The gentleman was found guilty at a jury trial," a police spokesperson said.

The edited video came from police dashcam and the suspect’s cell phone. The full video is posted below.

Warning the video contains graphic language and violence.

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