If you've been to a State that has legalized recreational marijuana, like Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, and now Connecticut, you've probably seen cannabis dispensaries that are open to the general public. We're not anywhere close here in Connecticut to some of our neighboring states in the volume of dispensaries. We're still technically medical-only as far as retail sales here, you need your medical card if you want to purchase at the retail level, but that will rapidly change over the next year.

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Some Connecticut cities and towns have already voiced their opposition to cannabis dispensaries opening up in their city limits - Danbury and Waterbury have both said that they are letting things settle before they allow another dispensary to open up. Retail sales are expected sometime in 2022, probably by Summer. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, owners and operators of Foxwoods Resort Casino, are thinking big already.

According to an article just posted on Leafly.com, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Leaders are planning on opening a 25,000 square foot "Mega-Dispensary" on land near their Resort, sometime in 2022. Tribal leaders are reportedly negotiating with representatives of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Tribal Nation, who voted to legalize marijuana on tribal land recently. The Cherokee Tribe has floated a 25,000 square foot concept, featuring drive thru windows, and a smoking lounge, and dubbed it Kituwah Medical. They're reportedly currently negotiating with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe for a Foxwoods location, and another mega-dispensary that will be located at a Harrah's Casino in North Carolina.

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Connecticut currently allows 18 medical cannabis dispensaries to operate around the state. I recently returned from a trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and I have to warn you, what's happening there is coming this way, you can see it in Massachusetts already - Cannabis dispensaries are becoming as common as package stores, like one on every block common. I wonder, if the Mashantucket Pequot/Cherokee plan does come to fruition, will the waitresses offer you a free bone, instead of a vodka and cranberry?

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