A doll maker from the Hudson Valley is making news for creating the very first transgender doll for children.

The Tonner Doll Company in Kingston has created a doll inspired by real-life transgender child, Jazz Jennings. Jennings, who is now 16, has made national headlines and, according to an interview with Mix 97, has been named one of the most influential teenagers by Time Magazine for two years in a row.

The toy debuted at the International Toy Fair in New York last month, and is expected to be available for purchase this Fall. According to the toy maker, Robert Tonner, parents shouldn't be concerned that this doll will be any more anatomically detailed than other dolls. Just like most children's toys, there is no genitalia or gender specific details. What makes this doll transgender is the fact that it's modeled on a real-life transgender girl.

When it goes on sale the doll is expected to retail for $90.