The search continues for an Emmy award-winning producer who is accused of stabbing his roommate. Andre Salaman Bautista, who goes by the name Andre Bauth, allegedly stabbed his roommate actor Clayton Haymes because Haymes laughed at Bauth’s belief that he will one day win five Oscars. (Not one but five!)

Bauth had recently won a Daytime Emmy for his work on the online soap opera The Bay. CBS News reports that after his win, Bauth was bragging to Haymes and others that he would someday win five Oscars. After hearing this, Haymes and friends starting laughing which angered the self-proclaimed future Oscar winner. Bauth then allegedly chased Haymes into a room and swung at him with a kitchen knife before stabbing Haymes in the lung. Bauth then fled the scene.

Haymes said he was terrified and very lucky to be alive. He told CBS that he couldn't understand why Bauth, his landlord, stabbed him because he considered them to be close friends. Haymes also added that Bauth was acting like a different person that night.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has filed an attempted murder charge against Bauth and has issued a warrant for his arrest. Bauth is still on the run from police.