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We've been hearing a lot about the violence in Newburgh. It's far more horrifying to witness it on camera.

Just how bad are things in the City of Newburgh these days?

According to crime statistics shared on Neighborhood Scout, Newburgh, New York is the 36th most dangerous city in America for its size and population. Newburgh ranked right behind Compton.


They also shared some staggering odds of falling victim to either a property or violent crime while in the city. Their data shows that you have a 1 in 41 chance of having a property crime like theft, arson or vandalism committed against you. They also claim you have a 1 in 87 chance of having a violent crime like murder, assault or rape committed against you.

Just over the summer a terrifying incident took place a concert venue where a security guard was forced to draw a gun to defend himself and other from an angry mob.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, The City of Newburgh Police received a ShotSpotter notification for the area of William Street and Carson Avenue on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m., City of Newburgh Police received a notification for the area of William Street and Carson Avenue.

Feacebook: Tex Swain

The Hudson Valley Post also shares that all four victims were teenagers and are expected to survive the ordeal.

The incident resulted in four victims of gunfire. The shots were recorded by someone who appears to be in a building above the scene.

Here is the full video that was shared on Facebook.

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