Ever since Guns N' Roses released "Absurd" and "Hard Skool" in 2021, we've been waiting to hear more new music from the rockers, and we might finally be getting closer. The band appear to have teased possible new song titles in a post on their social media.

Slash has been saying that Guns plan to release a few more re-worked Chinese Democracy outtakes, like "Absurd" and "Hard Skool," since early 2022. Though they've yet to formally announce any new music, they sound-checked an unreleased song called "Perhaps" in Tel Aviv in early June, leading many fans to speculate that it will be one of the songs they release. A few weeks later, a photo surfaced online of Axl Rose and Slash at Urban Sound Studios in Norway in June, and the caption confirmed that they were there to listen to "new mixes."

Last night, GN'R played a show in Weert, Netherlands, and during the performance, a video was uploaded on their Instagram story of someone flipping through pieces of paper with song titles on them. One could easily see names such as "Mr. Brownstone," "Hard Skool," "Civil War," "Don't Cry" and a few others, but as a few individuals have pointed out on the Guns N' Roses Reddit, there were possibly two new ones.

"Perhaps" and "The General."

One person managed to get a screenshot of "Perhaps" very clearly, but the image of "The General" was a bit harder to make out. Some noted that it could actually be "The Garden" from Use Your Illusion I, but fans on Reddit have noticed "The General" faintly written on photos of the band's setlist recently.

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See screenshots from the band's Instagram story below.

Guns have a few more shows left in Europe in July, and then will head out on a North American tour starting in early August. See all of the dates and openers here.

Guns N' Roses Instagram Story 'Perhaps'
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Guns N' Roses Instagram Story The General
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