There are more homeless people in the Hudson Valley than there were last year.

According to new data supplied by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the homeless population in the Hudson Valley is climbing. The disturbing statistics show increases in all of the counties throughout our region.

There were an estimated 388 homeless people living in Dutchess County this year. That's up from 385 last year and 375 in 2015. The increase was also seen in Orange County where 350 homeless people were listed in the latest data. That's seven more people than last year, which is concerning since the homeless population dropped considerably in 2016 after 495 people were documented by HUD in 2015.

One of the largest increases in homeless was seen in Ulster County, where the number shot up from 328 last year to 411 this year. Elsewhere around the region, Sullivan county's homeless population rose from 163 to 167, Rockland was up from 141 to 170 and Greene County saw their number climb from 116 to 144.