After being mocked for decades, David Bowie and Mick Jagger's video for their cover of "Dancing in the Street" has found its true purpose: inspiring a Lego remake.

The new clip, turned up by Dangerous Minds, is the genius work of stop-motion animator William Osborne, who says he started working in the field in 2014. Osborne's "Dancing in the Street" video has already brought him a far wider audience than his first clip, which he uploaded several days ago; you can check out his other work at his Vimeo page.

As Bowie and Jagger fans are well aware, the original "Dancing in the Street" clip was made on the fly immediately after the duo tracked their version of the song — organized as part of that year's Live Aid charity initiative — with director David Mallet, who reportedly got the call for the gig only the day before it was scheduled to film.

"My only thought was I was trying to get a really great performance," Mallet said later. "What was really important was to see them together in performance. Two really big stars, and people wanted to see them together. Choreographed on the spot. 'We can go down this alley. We can use this warehouse.'"

Under the circumstances, it's impressive that a recording and/or video emerged at all, but the end results have been a punchline for years — it wasn't all that long ago that the original clip was mocked with a music-free version that provoked laughter all over again. With Bowie and Jagger in Lego form, however, it's all pretty adorable. If Osborne wants to keep this up, there are plenty of other unintentionally hilarious music videos waiting for the treatment.

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