Driver's in the Hudson Valley for forced to moooooove over....

Sorry for that awful pun, but I sometimes can't help myself!

Loose Cows Reported In Rockland County, New York


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Rockland County Has Long History With Cows


One resident was not surprised about the cows getting loose.

"Remember that cows were there long before people and houses. This section of the Monsey/Airmont/Tallman/south Spring Valley (Chestnut Ridge) area was covered with dairy and truck crop farms, way into the 1950s. Summer bungalows dotted the area, too, and the city residents who at least doubled the population for the season marveled at the cows and bought milk from the farmers. A rich history in Ramapo," Arthur Henry Gunther III commented on the Town of Ramapo Police Department's Facebook post.

It appears I'm not the only one who likes to milk a good cow pun. As seen above, the police made light of the situation with a great pun, which lead to many cow puns in the comment section of the police department's Facebook post. Including:

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"You guys are really milking this post"

"Hope they were steered in the right direction"

"Keep your horns up and don’t make any sudden MOOVments!!"

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