The Dutchess County Sheff's Office is sharing more information about a bullet that was discovered at a local middle school this week.

On Wednesday, a young student was in the lunchroom when they made a terrifying discovery. According to authorities, the student found a bullet on the floor of the cafeteria, triggering a hold in place for the school and lockouts in surrounding schools.

The discovery was made in the Arlington School District. According to a joint statement by the Dutchess County Sheriff's Department and Dr. Dave Moyer, the superintendent of schools, there are many details about the incident that they are unable to share without compromising their investigation.


What we do know

We know that the bullet was discovered on Wednesday at Union Vale Middle School and that the school was put on a "hold in place" order. Nearby Vale Farm Elementary was put on a lockout out of an abundance of caution.

The Sheriff's office worked alongside the New York State Police to conduct a "thorough investigation" and determined that this was an isolated incident and that no firearm was present on school grounds. Authorities went on to explain that there was no threat to students.

Arlington Central School District
Arlington Central School District

Dutchess County parents still concerned

Parents took to social media to express their frustration with the lack of further information about the incident, with some curious about how police determined no firearms were on school property when searches of backpacks and students did not appear to have been conducted.

Police acknowledged that incidents like this can be "upsetting" and that a lack of further information can be frustrating to parents but repeated that disclosing more details could compromise the investigation.

In 2018 Arlington Central School was named one of the safest school districts in the state.

What's Next?

Police and school administrators say that they are confident this was an isolated incident and that students are safe at school. The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office has stepped up its police presence at the middle school and is urging concerned students to talk with teachers or school counselors.

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