What's that we're always telling kids about not playing with their food?

Someone with a lot of free time -- and we mean a lot of free time -- made a treehouse for ants out of a piece of broccoli. And you thought the vegetable was only good for your health.

It's a real work of craftsmanship, if not miniature construction. We say this YouTuber hook up with the Oreo artist to create more mesmerizing pieces.

Providing these minuscule creatures a place to unwind and get away from the pressures of the real world is a sweet, albeit offbeat, gesture and we can only assume the treehouse will be filled with insects after a couple of more meals without cleaning up.

Tiny food for tiny animals is nothing new and it's always adorable, so we hope this continues a trend. How about a cauliflower cottage? A spinach sanctuary? A kale castle? The possibilities are endless.