Lee Hoy is not your average MMA fighter.

The 26-year-old British man has taken up MMA, despite the fact he's legally blind.

Hoy, who's been blind since birth because of a condition known as toxoplasmosis , has been fighting for two years. He initially gave it a try as a means of learning self-defense, but he quickly took to the sport and soon began appearing in bouts against opponents who can see.

Hoy, who's won a pair of bronze medals while competing, says the sport has been a godsend for him:

I’m a totally changed person because of the sport, and feel a lot more confident in myself and happy. I can walk the streets with my head high, and feel that I can look after myself if I need to."

Hoy, who can only see the outlines of the people he's fighting, added, "When I was young, I was told I’d never be able to read, write or ride a bike, or even go to school. I did all of that, and I’m trying to push myself further now."

Hoy also says he's pushing for his other friends with vision problems to take up MMA. Hey. if he can do it, what's stopping them?