Archer bosses wasted little time in warning that Season 8’s Dreamland reboot might not last, and Season 9 is now a tale all its own. Executive producer Matt Thompson confirms that Archer Season 9 will relocate to Danger Island in 1939, refreshing its character relationships once more.

As announced during Comic-Con 2017, Archer Season 9 will see the title super-spy as an eye-patched seaplane pilot partnered with Pam Poovy, and a talking parrot named Crackers (voiced by Dr. Krieger himself, Lucky Yates). Also confirmed to return are Aisha Tyler’s Lana as a princess on the island, along with Jessica Walter’s Mallory as Archer’s mother and a bar owner, Judy Greer as heiress Charlotte, Chris Parnell as British intelligence officer Cypurt Fuchs, and more.

Added Thompson, according to IndieWire:

Last season, we loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast. Adam Reed has been talking about doing something fun and just having a blast [this season]. There will be quicksand, cannibals, and super intelligent monkeys.

Reed previously noted that producer Matt Thompson had been developing “a really exciting framework” for Season 9, as well that they still consider Season 10 a likely stopping point for the series. Reed has ideas for Season 10 (and a final episode) as well, but we shouldn’t necessarily expect that story to return to real life either.

Archer will at least return in 2018, but is Danger Island even further a stretch for fans of the original characters?