Some Chipotle lovers in the Hudson Valley are concerned after reports show that the chain's E. Coli outbreak has now reached New York.

In October Chipotle closed 43 locations out West after it was suspected that an ingredient used in their restaurants was linked to an outbreak of E. Coli. Now it's been revealed that at least one person in New York also fell ill after eating at Chipotle.

Gothamist reports that at least one person in New York state has been sickened after eating at a Chipotle in Amherst. The Center for Disease Control believes that a common meal item or an ingredient served at the popular Mexican restaurants is most likely the source of the dangerous outbreak. The CDC says that 43 out of the 45 people who reported getting sick had dined at a Chipotle Mexican Grill within a week of falling ill.

Restaurants in Washington, Oregon. California, Minnesota and Ohio have all been linked to the outbreak. Luckily, no deaths have resulted from the E. Coli contamination. Chipotle told Gothamist that they believe the source of the problem "appears to have been contained during a period in late October" They are also taking more precautions to make sure all of the food in their restaurants are safe.

There are currently three Hudson Valley Chipotle locations in Middletown, Kingston and the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. None of these local restaurants have been linked to the E. Coli outbreak.

Do you eat at Chipotle? Does this E. Coli outbreak change your opinion of the popular Mexican Grill?