Stryper released the album 'To Hell with the Devil' 30 years ago today (Oct. 24, 1986.)

Christian metal band Stryper rose to fame in the 1980’s with a string of hits and MTV music videos. The band’s debut EP The Yellow and Black Attack was released in 1983 on Enigma Records but their most successful period would be the mid 80’s with the release of the platinum selling To Hell With the Devil. It would become the first Christian metal album to sell over a million copies until the release of P.O.D.'s Satellite in 2001. Music videos from Stryper were all over MTV in 1987 with "Free" and "Honestly" both reaching No. 1 on Dial MTV while "Calling on You" would also rank, reaching No. 2. The original album cover of four long haired angels throwing the devil into a fiery pit was deemed a bit controversial so later pressings were changed to an all-black design.

Stryper are currently out on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of To Hell with the Devil, wearing replicas of the original yellow and black outfits on stage . You can see them live at Gramercy Theatre in NYC on Sunday, Nov. 20.