No, you weren't imagining it. Those were the hosts of the Today Show running around the Hudson Valley this weekend.

On Monday morning, Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush and Siri Daly, the wife of Carson Daly revealed to the Today Show audience that they all spent the weekend together with their families in "Upstate New York." Hudson Valley residents may not have been aware that their definition of "Upstate" was actually Rhinebeck, New York in Dutchess County.

The trio explained that they wanted to escape the deep freeze, so they brought all of their families together for a cozy weekend in the "country." From the looks of their Instagram feeds, the celebrities spent most of their time indoors, eating homemade queso and wearing lots of matching outfits. But they also captured some moments around town.

One shot shows the mothers and their children all wearing the same pajamas.

Another image shows the ladies wearing matching "Upstate of Mind" T-shirts. While adorable, many Hudson Valley residents would probably take issue with calling Rhinebeck "Upstate," but that's a debate for another day.

The group did apparently also venture outdoors. A photo of Jenna Bush's children shows them posing in front of A. L. Stickle on Market Street.


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