Law enforcement in Westchester County has had their hands full over the last couple weeks as a number of different incidents have required police presence. This latest incident that is catching headlines everywhere occured in the area of Armonk, a hamlet in Westchester County.

Latest Information on Events in Armonk

According to various reports as well as the press release from the North Castle Police Department, this latest event occurred on Monday May 20, 2024. In the release it states that a call went out to the law enforcment shortly before 12:30pm, the call coming from an elderly 78-year old resident in distress.

Emergency vehicle lighting

Law enforcement as well as medical personnel from Armonk Ambulance and a WEMS Paramedic arrived on the scene shortly after receiving the call. Medical personnel would provide and treat the elderly woman's medical needs before transporting her to a local hospital. Specific information on what exactly the victim was treated for was not mentioned in the press release.

While on the scene, law enforcment became aware of the cause for the elderly victims call. The cause was a 38-year old male at the residence and officers on the scene were aware that this particular individual had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

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In reference to both the elderly victim and the male suspect, no other identifying information has been released at this time. It however was stated that the incident unfolded at the address of 14 Hallock Place in Armonk. The entire incident has rocked the community as this area in Armonk is considered to be upper class, with very little crime.

Confrontation Begins

Both police officers on the scene did their best in efforts to arrest and bring the suspect into custody, however in the efforts, conflict ensued. A violent altercation broke out amngst the officers and the suspect, during which the suspect came in possession of a knife and used it to attack one of the officers.


The second officer in the encounter would then pull out his firearm, his on-duty pistol and fired two shots. Both shots the officer struck the suspect after which officers were able to gain control of the situation.

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Following the altercation, both police officers as well as the suspect were also taken by medical personnel to a local to be treated for their wounds and injuries. As of the press release, the injuries to both officers are considered non-life threatening. In addition, the injuries to the suspect are also considered non-life threatening.

A police crime scene tape close-up

The press release concluded with noting that the Westchester County District Attorney's Office has been made aware of the situation and that it is still under investigation.

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