Our city here on My Lost Treasure is coming together quite nicely. That's the theme right now. Building a city through songs. And I am having a good time building this city because I am getting so many great ideas. Today we are building a tower. A watchtower. Jimi's awesome version of this great song.

Jimi Hendrix could play guitar like nobody else. But I also love the way he sang. I remember that once Eddie Kramer, who engineered lots of Hendrix stuff, was on the air with us and told us that Jimi did not like his own singing voice. he didn't think he was very good. What? Are you kidding? I think most of us would disagree with that.

Got a song suggestion to help build our My Lost Treasure city? Pass it along, please. It's robyn@wpdh.com. And don't forget that all this week you can win tickets to see Roger Waters in Albany. Just be listening to The Boris and Robyn show for your shot at the tickets. Thanks!

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