One of the most difficult times for parents is that inevitable day where your child is off to college. It is the time that comes for both parent and child were the child is now grown and is living on his or her own for the first time. It's a difficult time but it's a right of passage moment and it's the beginning of a journey for a child that will ultimately benefit them for their own future.

While the vast majority of kids at college get the typical college experience full of studying, homework, papers, exams and the instance or two of some extracurricular activities that leave you with a headache the next morning, there are also the rare but horrible instances where college becomes a parents worst nightmare.

This brings us to today where we will be taking a look at a list of college students who have gone missing in New York State. This list encapsules a number of students, some who have been reported missing within the last year and some students have been on this list for decades.

Missing College Students in New York State

College Students that have gone missing in the state of New York

Gallery Credit: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services-Missing College Students List

It's absolutely unimaginable to think of the type of feelings any parent could have when they get that dreaded phone call that something has happened to their child. It's even more heart wrenching to think of the parents who have never gotten the answers that they seek about what happened to their child.

Unfortunately, there are a number of cases in New York State right now that center on the disappearance of children throughout the state. To read about some of these cases, please continue to read below. Lastly, if anyone out there possesses information that can help with any of these investigations, you should contact the proper authorities.

40 Children Have Recently Gone Missing From New York State