There's one big release this weekend, and it's one I've been really looking forward to - War For The Planet Of The Apes. This is the third movie in the rebooted Planet of The Apes series which started with Rise and continued with Dawn, and these movies have been almost shockingly good - they keep the spirit of the great original series alive while being its own thing, and so much of that rests on Andy Serkis, whose motion capture performance of the main ape Caesar  has been incredible - this one picks up 2 years after Dawn and the war between humans and apes is in full swing. Woody Harrelson plays the main human antagonist, a general in the human army fighting against the apes. This movie is getting great reviews, I'm hearing that it's a dark, intense, socially relevant blockbuster that brings the series to a terrific ending, and as always, the visual effects for the apes are insane.

Also out this week is a new horror movie called Wish Upon, which is about a teenage girl who finds a box that grants her wishes, but of course it's possessed so the wishes always backfire. This is getting bad reviews and I've seen the trailer a couple of times - I kinda like the premise, but it looks really bad and sort of unintentionally funny and this seems to be a pretty disposable horror movie.

Also, a couple weeks back I mentioned The Big Sick, with Kumail Nanjiani as the star of a romantic comedy based on his life - it's supposed to be terrific and this weekend it opens wide, so that's definitely one to go see.

But this weekend for me is all about the Apes. I'm Meat Sandwich and until next time we'll Meat at the Movies.