There's a lot to worry about for those involved in making 'Krampus.' The horror/Christmas movie is not only not a popular themed movie but its also a Christmas movie released in December which has been a curse in the past.

Traditionally the highest grossing Christmas movies have been released before the Thanksgiving break in November to get that holiday family weekend in. Many, but not all that have been released in December don't do very well at all; and when the movie is a horror flick too, the odds don't seem to be in favor of this week's wide release 'Krampus.'

As the story goes, Krampus is St. Nicholas' helper and where one brings gifts to good children the other punishes the bad children with a stick and a bag. When a family starts to fight with each other when they together for Christmas, the child Max looses his Christmas cheer. The family ends up having to stop fighting each other and fighting the ancient evil that is Krampus and all of the once joyful now frightening things that represented the holiday.

Critics are saying that this is a proper horror movie that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Horror movies are meant to have a bit of humor in them especially when they are about a fantasy subject. Though some critics say its not that scary, they do also say that even without all of the fright in the movie its something the your imagination may expand later that night. We'll see if this one beats the December curse.

Check out the trailer below and until next week, we'll MEAT at the movies!