Many New York State residents were wrongfully charged for rolling up their sleeves.

On Monday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her office has secured full refunds for hundreds of New Yorkers who were wrongfully billed for COVID-19 vaccines.

Attorney General James Secures Full Refunds for New Yorkers Wrongfully Charged for COVID-19 Vaccines

New York Attorney General Letitia James Makes Major Announcement
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Over 700 New Yorkers were wrongfully charged by Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care (Northwell-GoHealth) clinics, officials say.

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“During the pandemic state of emergency, COVID-19 vaccines were free to all who wanted them,” James said. “Clinics should be careful in ensuring that New Yorkers were not improperly charged fees for these vaccines and should take steps to refund any payments wrongfully charged and received. I encourage anyone who believes they may have been billed for a COVID-19 vaccine that was supposed to be free to reach out to my office.”

Over 700 New Yorkers Wrongfully Charged For COVID Vaccines

Jeffrey Hamilton
Jeffrey Hamilton

Her office learned that Northwell-GoHealth wrongly charged up to 731 patients for COVID-19 vaccines. This resulted in patients paying a total just under $15,000 in improper fees.

Northwell-GoHealth also sent 72 unpaid bills for COVID-19 vaccines to collections, officials say.

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Northwell-GoHealth reports "administrative errors," caused the clinic to charge 731 New Yorkers $28 per vaccine. The vaccine was free at the time.

Northwell-GoHealth agreed to reimburse all New Yorkers who were wrongly charged, will strengthen employee compliance with applicable laws for COVID-19 vaccine billing, and will pay a $25,000 penalty.


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