A "secret" yet "charming" bowling alley in Upstate New York is actually one of the oldest in all of the United States.

In junior high, and some parts of high school, I spent every Friday night enjoying cosmic bowling at Pat Tarsio Lanes in Newburgh, New York.

I haven't bowled much since, but always enjoy it when an opportunity to hit the lanes presents itself. (Though, I'm much better at Wii Sports Bowling than real bowling LOL).

Oldest Bowling Alley Closes In New York City

Tenpin Bowling-Alley
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My two uncles were history teachers. One is retired, the other still teaches history in Brooklyn. It's probably because of them, that, as I get older, I've developed a love of history.

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That's why I thought it was cool to learn about the oldest bowling alleys in New York State and New York City.

Bowlmor Lanes in Greenwich Village was the oldest bowling alley in New York City.


It closed in July 2014 after 76 years in business.

Where Is The Oldest Bowling Alley In New York State Located?

If Bowlmor Lanes was still open today, it would be 86 years old. (Look at me still using math! Mr. Soltis, my favorite math teacher, I hope this makes you proud!)

But even at 86 years old, it would be 15 years younger than the oldest bowling alley in all of New York State.

Syracuse, New York Is Home To One Of The Oldest Bowling Alley In America


Solvay Recreation Alleys in Syracuse, New York is the Empire State's oldest bowling alley. It opened up in 1923!

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If you ever hit these lanes in Syracuse you can proudly say you bowled at America's fourth oldest bowling alley, according to Oldest.Org.

Oldest.Org calls Solvay Recreation Alleys "charming" and notes because it doesn't have an official website or social media it's "more of a local secret."

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Cheap Prices At New York's Oldest Bowling Alley


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