Did you know that one of the best pizzas in the world is made in Poughkeepsie, New York?

The last three years have been extremely good for the folks at Hudson & Packard Detroit Pizza in Poughkeepsie. Not only have they enjoyed success serving the Hudson Valley some of the best pizza you will ever eat but they have also enjoyed success when it comes to putting their pizza up against other pizza makers from all over the world.


International Pizza Expo & Conference

Every year pizza makers from all over the world all convene in Las Vegas to battle it out to see who has the best pizza in various categories. The International Pizza Expo & Conference hands out awards in categories including best pizza maker, best cheese slice, best pan pizza, best traditional and non-traditional pizzas, and more. This year's event was held from March 19-21st and for the third year in a row, one of our favorite pizza places in the Hudson Valley walked away with some huge awards.

Hudson & Packard
Hudson Picture Co.

Hudson & Packard Poughkeepsie, New York

Another year another award for owner Charlie Webb at Hudson & Packard Detroit Pizza as for the third year in a row he finished in the top three at the International Pizza Expo & Conference. This year Webb finished second in the "Pan Division" slightly behind this year's "Pizza Maker of the Year" Tony Cerimele, from New Columbus Pizza Co. in Pennsylvania. This makes three top 3 wins for Webb over the last three years (He placed 3rd last year and second in 2022).

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Hudson & Packard/Facebook
Hudson & Packard/Facebook

Best Detroit-Style Pizza in the World

Yes, the best Detroit-style pizza in the world is from Poughkeepsie as Webb won the Shawn Randazzo Award for the best Detroit-style pizza in the world. The award is named in honor of the late World Champion Pizza Maker Randazzo who also co-founded the Detroit Style Pizza Co. according to the Times Union. Webb won best in the world this year after making an Asian-themed Detroit-style pizza that featured an outer shell made of fried rice combined with the pizzeria’s dough, topped with caramelized onions, wagyu beef bulgogi, scallions, and a soy-marinated egg. The pizza came with a few sides including kimchi, pickled daikon and carrots, and marinated cucumber.

Hudson & Packard/Facebook
Hudson & Packard/Facebook

It's unclear if the winning pizza will make its way onto Hudson & Packard's menu anytime soon but our fingers are crossed it will...LOL! If you haven't tried some of Webb's amazing Detroit-style pizza creations yet we recommend you give them a try as soon as possible and if you need a suggestion from the menu I suggest the "Ambassador" or the "Chicky Parmy" Hudson & Packard Detroit Pizza is located at 29 Academy Street Poughkeepsie, NY and can be found online here.

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