One of the most romantic cases of rock star excess we’ve heard in a long time has, unfortunately, resulted in somebody losing their job. A Las Vegas police captain has left his job after breaking the rules to help Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba propose to his then-girlfriend.

After a four-month investigation, it was determined that, back in August, Captain David O’Leary arranged for Ashba and his then-girlfriend, Nathalia Henao, to use a police helicopter for a private aerial tour of Vegas. The helicopter then landed in a field, where roses and champagne were waiting for Ashba to pop the question. Ashba and Henao were married on Sept. 23.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that O’Leary’s punishment was going to be dropped down to lieutenant, but instead chose to retire as a captain, where his 25 years of service resulted in a more lucrative pension than the demotion.

“He was basically forced out,” said an unnamed officer.

Two other men were punished for their roles in the proposal. Ray Horsley, who piloted the helicopter, has been grounded and will be transferred out of air support detail, and former Air Support Lt. Tom Monahan was sent to a patrol bureau.

It’s possible that Ashba’s plan would have gone undetected by the authorities had he not posted photos of the night on Instagram. “That was the most incredible day of our life!!” he wrote. “Special thx to the Las Vegas Police Dept. for the most amazing helicopter private tour over Vegas!” That's the lesson to be learned from this, kids.

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