Now that Netflix’s Full House revival Fuller House will be sticking around for Season 2, it’s time for the inevitable spinoff. Lo and behold, Stephen Colbert obliges with Full House: Nights, the True Detective-style adventures of Danny Tanner and Uncles Joey and Jesse, taking on San Francisco crime.

Colbert himself debut the segment on last night’s Late Show, featuring Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier all reprising their roles, alongside Stephen Colbert as a criminal under interrogation. The actual sketch itself leans a bit more toward The Wire or Law & Order, but if you ever wanted  Full House’s upbeat credits in the style of True Detective, everything’s coming up Milhouse for you.

Oh, and someone dies. Horribly.

In the meantime, all episodes of Netflix’s Fuller House are available to stream, sans any Olsen twins, a point even Colbert’s parody can’t resist taking a shot at.

Check out the Full House: Nights clip above, and prepare for whatever Full House / Game of Thrones / The Walking Dead parody is sure to arise next.