Dennis Dunaway

My Lost Treasure: Alice Cooper
The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is the negative Ns.  The songs with no, nowhere, no one, nobody, never.  Today we have a "no" song from Alice Cooper.  Not exactly lost, but a treasure nonetheless.
I have a history with Alice Cooper...
Friday, December 9: Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (Dec. 9) to original Alice Cooper Group bassist Dennis Dunaway. He’s 70. Also celebrating is Firehouse drummer Michael Foster (52).
Tig’s Metal Box: Exclusive Interview With Bassist Dennis Dunaway
The Metal Box is a weekly web series posted each Friday where I’ll be discussing all things hard rock and heavy metal: news, videos, interviews, live concerts and more.
This week we have an exclusive interview with legendary bassist Dennis Dunaway of the original Alice Cooper Gro…