WPDH is proud to announce the Inaugural Indoor Pond Hockey Classic. Since the weather is iffy at the end of March, we took this activity and moved it inside to the Ice Time Sports Complex in Newburgh.

The Tournament will feature up to 16 teams of 3 on 3 play (max of 6 players per team), pond hockey style (no goalies and pond hockey goals). Teams will be broken up by skill level and play a minimum of 6 half ice, 25 minute games.

Teams will be playing to win the Hudson Valley Cup which will be featured in Ice Time all year.
1 Winning team will also get:
$500 to Modell's sporting goods
Dinner for your team after the game at Handsome Devil BBQ at the Ice Time Sports Complex, plus various other prizes!

Everyone on  your team will also get a limited edition Indoor Pond Hockey T-Shirt as well.

Team registration is $300 per team. Each time needs to have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players, 18+.